Monday 27 August 2012

Monday Musing

I've had a bit of a change with the look of my blog. I was getting fed up with the way it looked before. After a coiuple of hours work I'm liking it much more.

The blanket is progressing nicely.....

 I'm just about to go back into blue again. It is about 4 colour changes off being big enough for a single bed.

I've also completed the front of the cushion. I'm liking it more as time goes on.....

Just the back to do which shouldn't take too long at all.

I was going through my stash to find a pink for the cushion when I unearthed 2 WIP. I was convinced I'd thrown them all out.......

I can't honestly see me completing either project. I'll probably unpick the granny square one as the yarn is quite nice. It's a shame there's not a site for abandoned projects in need of adoption.

Enjoy the rest of the bank holiday :)


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