Friday, 29 May 2015


The prompt for week 22 of Journal52 is Wings. For me this has to involve dragonflies. I got out my Neocolor crayons and got going. I layered colour down then used water to create washes. I probably laid down about 4-5 colours to get some depth. I then doodled with a Micron pen and wrote with my Sharpie.

Here's a daily visitor to my garden. He's so friendly he can often land on your hand if you are sitting at the garden table.

He's not actually a dragon fly. He's called a Small Red Damselfly and here's a professional picture of one (so much better than my poor attempt....

Hubby and I went to the garden centre and spend quite a bit more than we estimated. He planted the large stuff up last night and I spend the morning planting the rest (and dodging the rain) 

I think there was around 60 plants in all. Phew! Now all I have to do is get the dirt from under my nails!!!

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Tags and Top Ten

I said in my last post I was going to make some tags. Guess what? I actually completed something I said I was going to do.

The photo is fairly awful but you can kind of see them. I added colour coordinated eyelets too.

Here's my latest journal page. I'm using a prompt from Journal52 The prompt this week is 'Top 10 Lists' I used various colour pencils and my trusty sharpie.

I've been pinning a lot of trees and swirls in the last 24 hours so I think it's fair to say these will be a big influence in my next few journal entries.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

So, it's been another huge gap since my last post. No excuses at all!

I just wanted to share my latest craze. Journalling.

I did a bit of looking around and there seems to be different types of journaling. I've found art journals, sentiment journals, Project Life etc. As usual I don't fit into a nice little pigeon-hole so my journal will be a bit of everything. Depending on the mood it'll be a diary type snap shot, art experiments and anything else that takes my fancy.
My first layout was a double page one that chronicled a week.

I used all sorts of pens, pencils and even a bit of scrap decopatch paper I found in the bottom of a box.

The next 2 were art experiments...

If you can read the writing I was VERY unimpressed with the left hand layout. It's grown on me a bit since then. The 4 rectangles were printed out from the web and the brown strip was ripped from a chinese note book. The colour was watercolour pencils and pens. The right hand layout was pencils and watercolour crayons. I'm liking the idea of this theme so I'll go back to it to see what else I can come up with.

My final 2 layouts...

 These are more scrapbooking than anything. I hit Hobbycraft today so these are a mix of old and new. The backgrounds are stuff I've had for years and the top layers are new today. I'll write something in the right hand one tomorrow.

The plan is to either crate a new page each day or create elements for a new layout. I'm thinking tomorrow is a day for making tags....yup, definitely tags!

Monday, 12 May 2014

Orange is the new Black

Or it is for me!
I may have had a long break from blogging but I've kept going with my crafting. I've got back into knitting again after many years. I used to knit a lot when my girls were small but I kind of lost the enthusiasm for it along the way. So a quick catch up of some of my finished projects (yes, I've actually finished some) and an explanation of the blog post title.
In the last month I've completed 2 projects in orange. One is this wonderfully cute baby dress. The pattern is called Ellis dress and can be found here. I used Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk. This yarn is now discontinued but if you can get your hands on some I would highly recommend it. It feels wonderfully soft and knits like a dream. I made it for a friend of my youngest DD who is expecting her baby girl within the next couple of weeks! I had to make some adjustments to the pattern to make it small enough but it looks OK.

Ravelry is a dangerous place. Whilst browsing innocently, minding my own business, I got mugged by the wonder that is Hitofude. If you see the amount of projects you can see I'm not the only one. I wanted to make it a light summer cardi so chose cotton yarn. It also helps it was heavily discounted on eBay. Apologies for the not brilliant photo but I'm waiting to block it so this is a quick snap as I hung it on the back of the chair.
I have to say on reading the pattern I was completely confused. How on Earth does this work? I followed the advise of many and just started knitting and it suddenly became a cardi. No joining or nothing!

I crocheted 2 baby blankets but didn't take photos. I hate when I do that. I like to look back and see what I've made.

Other bits in brief.....
My first socks
Lara's Hat (Susan Ashcroft)

Lara's hat is one of 6 patterns I've made from the very talented Susan Ashcroft. She, and her designs, can be found on Ravelry too.
Paint Boxes Cowl (Susan Ashcroft)

The ever popular Clapotis by Kate Gilbert.......
Plus a few other bits and pieces!

I have 2 current projects, both are Rowan patterns. I'm making Eldora by Marie Wallin. This is a pattern from the current Spring/Summer Rowan magazine.

I'm calling mine Rose Garden. I've chosen shades of green, cream and coral.

The other WIP is the Rowan Mystery Afghan KAL. I've started a little late but have almost finished clue 2. Clue 4 is being released tomorrow so I hope to be caught up by clue 5.

We wont mention the mammoth expansion of my stash. No! Best not to, really!

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Change for the better

First blog post of the new year so I suppose I should recap on 2013.

2013 was a bit of a wakeup call for me. After hubby had his heart attack in 2012 we concentrated on him and his health so to realise that my own health was suffering was a bit of a blow.
I have always been a 'big girl' but my health has been fine. Blood pressure and all tests were normal. As I've gotten older my weight has increased drastically and with it my health has declined. My knees were grinding when I went up and down stairs. My hips would hurt when I woke up in the morning because of the weight stresses on them and more frightening was the very regular prolonged heart palpitations and chest pain I was getting.
In May 2013 I decided enough was enough. I was only in my early 40's and I felt like I was in my 80's. I knew if I didn't lose weight soon I was probably going to die in the not-to-distant future. I spoke to my youngest daughter and she wanted to support me in any way she could so we joined Slimming World.
I have to admit I find the new Slimming World plan incredibly easy to follow and stick to. The weight is coming off and as of todays date both myself and my daughter have lost just over 3 stone each. I'm so proud of her (and me!) She looks fantastic. My eldest daughter  decided to join in the fun and she has so far also lost over 3 stone as well!  My weight loss is beginning to show and I've gone down 3 dress sizes. My weight loss journey has a very long way to go yet but I'm so determined to get there. My goals are small, but obtainable. I want to lose another 3 stone this year (hopefully more but I'm not setting myself up to fail) DD will be at goal before the end of the year. Another incentive (as if I need any more) is that I've just be diagnosed with Gall stones and will need an op. I've been told I cant have one until I lose more weight. As it's unbelievably painful I might need to up my game plan!

I also concentrated on my crafting last year and plan to continue. My job can really stress me out so this is my de-stress time.
Here's a few picture highlights from 2013....

Feb 2013. DD won hubby and I a 5* weekend away to Jersey for our anniversary. This is a view from the hotel window.

March 2013: Eltham Palace

Amethyst and Copper tree of life pendant. made in Spring 2013

June 2013: DD and I went to visit Bristol, Bath and Cheddar Gorge.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Long time no post

Hi all.
No blog from me since November. 4 Months! That's crazy!
Work has been frantic. The school I work in has just had an Ofsted. We don't officially hear for a couple more weeks on the result but fingers crossed it'll be OK.
I've been crocheting steadily but not getting very far. I still haven't completed the Realta or the yarn eater blankets. In fact, I haven't even picked them up. Instead I've been making photo props for a photographer friend of mine. I've made a mermaids outfit, sailors hats, nappy (diaper) covers and hairbands with exchangeable flowers. 
I started another blanket made from granny squares in 3 different sizes. It also has 2 x 2 squares as well. It's probably a little over baby blanket size at the moment so I may give it away to a colleague who's 5 months pregnant at the moment

Over the Christmas holidays I finally got round to sorting out my craft room. A trip to Ikea later and it was complete. I hasten to say it doesn't look quite as neat as this now....

I was very excited today as my Mothers day present arrived today. I know I shouldn't have opened it but N. got it delivered to the school and I couldn't resist. She told me to place an order on Wool Warehouse. It's free delivery on orders over £25 so I got some more stylecraft (2 more balls coming in a different package) and a pack of Clover hooks. They are plastic and have nicely coloured handles. I'll let you know how I get on with them later as I'm not actually allowed to use them until Sunday.

Will I be strong enough to resist?

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

One month later and Tuesday Tallies


It's been a whole month since I've last posted. That's shocking! Where does the time go? Work has been manic (and not in a fun way) I also got to go on holiday last week to Norfolk so that was lovely.

I have a confession to make though.....
You know my Realta blanket I was making? The one I said I was going to finish and I was NOT going to start any other project befor I HAD finished? Weeeeellllll.........
I haven't done any of it since the last Tuesday tally over a month ago. I also started a few other bits as well.
I made this cowl/infinity scarf/snood for my youngest DD. It's made from James C.Brett Monsoon yarn and I love the colours in it. It's so autumnal and is very snuggly. Pattern is on Ravelry here

 I started making another but decided to make it longer. This was not so successful. It was so long it was a trip hazard and the although I used the same yarn in a different colourway it just didn't look right. It's in the frogging pile!

I started a scard for myself using crocodile stitch using this pattern and Chenille gold yarn and this pattern on Ravelry

It feels so luxurious and is incredibly heavy. It's long enough to be worn but I'm going to make it a little longer I think.

And finally...

I wanted a project to work on while I was away. If I were sensible I would have continued with the Realta. I've been accused of many things in the past but being sensible isn't one of them. I started on the Wool Eater blanket on Ravelry
It's a very easy pattern to work with once you get the hang of it and makes a lovely, thick material.
I'm enjoying it a lot but will it be a blanket or a cushion's at cushion size already so the question is, do I continue?

I look at all your lovely blogs and see your finished projects and wish I had the patience and dedication to finish something like a blanket but I think I'm a cross between a goldfish and a magpie. I have the attention span of about 5 seconds and am easily distracted by anything bright or shiny.
Has anyone got any blinkers? Maybe if I don't look I might get somewhere!

Please don't forget to check out all the other lovely "One a Day" projects via Gingerbread Girl's blog.