Thursday 13 September 2012

Old and new

Where does the time go?
I'm back at work now after the summer holidays. Why can't I win the lottery? I certainly wouldn't be one of those people who say they wouldn't know what to do with themselves. I have so many things I'd like to do that I'd be busy for the next 40 years!

I finished the ripple blanket...sort of.

Hubby decided it was quite big enough, thank you, and stole it. It is fit for what he wanted it for (to cover him on the sofa) but I still have visions of it fitting my bed. I may have to steal it and work on the odd row here and there when he's not looking.


Because he stole this one I've started another just for me and it IS going to be for me! I'm making the Realta afghan pattern
I'm making it in Debbie Bliss Prima yarn which is on special offer from Black Sheep Wool.
I'm using these colours and cream as a base colour

I'm going to have to buy at least 7 more balls of cream, more if I decide to make the connecting squares all cream instead of coloured.
I'm going to have to do a minimum of 56 octagons. I've got 10 done so it's going pretty well.
The yarn is 20% wool and 80% bamboo. It has a lovely matte look that resembles cotton.

I'm not going to think of all the weaving in of the ends....not yet anyway :)

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  1. The Prima looks lovely. I must admit I adore the small blocks, and many colour changes but wimp out of making them as the sewing in of ends is so nightmarish! Love your octagonal flowers, and totally love your ripple!

    Fiona x