Sunday 19 August 2012

Sunday round-up

This week has been a week of extreme lows and highs.
My DH had a heart attack on Monday and was taken to hospital by ambulance. After waiting in casualty for 7 hours he was finally given a bed on a ward at just gone midnight on Tuesday morning. Our eldest DD got on the first train down from Manchester to offer support. He was given a stent on Thursday and he was home on Friday.
We are trying to look at it in a positve light. He was a very heavy smoker who didn't want to give up. He used to say to me that he probably already had lung cancer anyway so what was the point (we lost his mum and dad and my mum to lung cancer) The hospital gave him a chest xray and his lungs were clear. Since coming home he's been brilliant. He's gone from over 60 a day to under 20 a day and is making the gaps in between cigarettes longer each day.
We are all so thankful to have him home safe and sound.

It will come as no surprise at all when I tell you I didn't work on my blanket during this time. I picked it up again yesterday though and made great progress.
Nearly finished with orange!
I'm just about to start with the red section. I'm going to use Stylecraft yarn in Shrimp as a transition colour.
I am beginning to question the sense in making a blanket when it is over 30 degrees though. It's so muggy in London.

DH must be grateful to be home. He didn't even blink when I told him I'd ordered more wool last night. I usually get a small whinge ou of him but I just got 'alright love' I feel vaguely cheated somehow! I've never ordered from Deramore before but I've heard good things so I'll be looking out for a package on Tuesday. That will be my purples and more blues and greens.
Cant wait!


  1. Wow mum its looking really good :) I still think you should give it to me hehe xx

    1. Thnak you :) How about a cushion.....or a bag?

    2. Oooooo a matching cushion to go with MY blanket ;) hehe xx