Sunday, 7 October 2012

Peacock scarf pattern

This scarf is a real pleasure to make. I crochets up very quickly and I love the colour change I got by using the James C. Brett Monsoon yarn. I used Shade S3 as it reminded me very much of the colours found in a peacock feather but here's a link to see all the colours in the range It's an aran wool so the scarf is nice and snuggly in these cooler autumn days.

I used a 5.00mm hook
3 balls of James C. Brett Monsoon in shade S3

I will be using UK terms throughout the pattern

Ch - Chain
DC - Double Stitch
DTR - Double Treble Stitch

The pattern is crocheted over 10 stitches (+1 for the foundation chain) I made mine over 50 stitches (+1) but it is up to you how wide you want it to be.

Row 1: Ch 51. Turn
Row 2: 1DC in 2nd Ch from hook. *skip 4 Ch, 9DTR in next Ch, skip 4 Ch, 1DC in next Ch.  Repeat from * to end. Turn.
Row 3: 4 C, 1DTR in first DC. *3 Ch, Skip 4 DTR, 1 DC in next DTR (the centre DTR of 9), 3 Ch, skip 4 DTR, 2 DTR in next DC. Repeat from *, ending 2 DTR in last  DC. Turn.
Row 4: 1 Ch, 1 DC in the space between first 2 DTR, *skip 3 Ch, 9 DTR in next DC, skip 3 Ch, 1 DC in space between2 DTR. Repeat from * ending 1DC in space between last DTR and turning Ch. Turn.

Repeat rows 3 and 4 for as long and necessary.

I didn't give the scarf an edge but I did consider using peacock stitch as a scallop. I ended up not using it as I was happy as it was.

I think my favourite silver peacock brooch looks lovely on the scarf.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tuesdays Tallies and 2 scarf da-dahs

Another week gone! I didn't even have time for a blog post. What on Earth was I doing?
Not much.

I actually managed to go out on a date with my husband last week. It doesn't sound too out of the ordinary but trust me, it is. The last time we went out anywhere (that wasn't a holiday) was about 2 years ago. We decided to go to the cinema to see the Sweeny (his choice) and ending up in the local Wetherspoons for an evening meal. Nothing special but very enjoyable.

On the crochet front I've got a few ta-dahs.
I finished both scarves I was making last week and both have been used too.
N. loves hers and she has kindly agreed to model it (somewhat of a miracle)

Here's mine and NO. I'm not going to model it :) I was going to write up the pattern.... not done that either. Maybe later in the week.

A couple of weeks ago I made an octopus for my Eldest daughter, E. She went back to Manchester taking it with her. I now seem to have orders for a whole load of them in different colours from her fiance, his sister and her boyfriend. This one is ready to be posted off later this week. I've been promised regular updates of his adventures :D

Not too much progress on the Realta blanket I'm afraid. I finished another 2 octagons. Here it is laid on the dining room floor with me trying to place the finished octagons. N helped me after listening to me whimper for 15 minutes because I couldn't make a decision. I need to make 5 squares so I can attach them to the main blanket.

I bought myself a lovely vintage wicker basket from ebay to keep the blanket in. It's from the 1950's and looks so much nicer than leaving a carrier bag about the place.

My target for the week is to try NOT to starts anything else and concentrate on the blanket.
Lets see if I can do it :)

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