Monday 13 August 2012

I'm such a girl!

I know it shouldn't be a big shock to the system but for some reason it is! I've never been a 'girl' It's fairly obvious I'm female (yep....definitely female) but I've never been a girl. Maybe it's an age thing.....hmmm.. ..Anyway.......
There I was minding my own business, shopping for stash when I came across these colours.
I swear I squealed like a 5 year old (fortunately I squealed in my mind. I do have some control!) So, am I turning into a princess? I wander round thinking 'ohhh pretty, shiny, it's all glittery' etc. I NEVER used to do that. Honest!
I blame my youngest. She infested the house with Cath Kidston and after initially loathing it, I'm now drawn to it.....even the little sweet polka dots. Ohhhh kill me now!
The blanket is growing nicely. I got through nearly 2 colour changes yesterday. I should be set for yellow today (does the happy dance)
It covers my feet now :)
There is one bright hope in my decent towards all things girly. I came home from shopping and found the biggest moth on my window. By all accounts if I wass 100% princess then I should have screamed and legged it. I'm proud to say my first thought was 'wow' and my second thought was' where's my camera?
Ohhh look at him. He's such a pretty yellow and he's got fluffy, feathery bits.


  1. I am surprised you would even get so close to it haha it is so cute though :D xx

  2. was on the other side of the window :D