Monday 19 September 2011

Monday again. Where did the week go?
At last we got a non rainy Sunday so I got to go to a boot sale. Yayyyy :)

It was a bit dissapointing but I managed to snap up a few bargains.
I stuck to my mission of filling my walls with artwork.

This lovely collection of quite large prints cost me the princely sum of £2.50. I think they were originally illustrations around a map (there are outlines of a country on the bottom right corner of pictures 3 and 4)

More art.........
This time old colour book plates. Some of them have quite a lot of foxing on them but I think they are just beautiful and they are themed on London (where I live) One is of Greenwich park - 5th one down(Very local) This was my big spend of the day at £12

 I'd better get framing.

Last batch of art was a framed set of cigarette cards. The series is 'Cries of London' and date from 1912. I was chuffed to get it for £5

My last few bits were a lovely necklace for 10p
I also got 2 scarves for 50p each....

The last thing I got was a book on ornaments. Not the dust traps that sit on the mantelpiece but scuptural ornaments. The illustrations are wonderful and the plan is to colour the plates and frame them. The problem with that is when it comes to it I can't actually bring myself to deface a book! I have a complete set of Cassells Illustrated History of the World upstairs and I get as far as chosing the plates I want to frame then....then.... nothing. I can't do it!

Can you imagine these lightly watercoloured and framed though?
The book is from the 1950's and there are lots of them on the market but....but.... arghhhh
I'm such a book wuss!
I shall sit in my craft room with my watercolours and my scalpel and not come out until I deface a book....
It's going to be a long week.....
I may need a food parcel!

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  1. Look at all the pretty pictures! :)
    Don't worry, i won't let you leave your craft room till you've done it.. i want a picture for my room to! xxx

  2. Amazing, amazing prints. Can't believe you got them for that price!

    I loved the lighthouse prints (there's something so romantic about lighthouses), but then I read on and loved your old London prints even more!

    You'll be able to charge an entrance fee to your house gallery at this rate!

  3. Wow so much treasure!! I love the light houses the most.
    But would love to see the ornament water coloured and framed, I think they will look amazing.

  4. Fantastic prints and such a bargain!

  5. Wow! You have much more arty boot sales round your way. I love the lighthouse prints - they look fabulous.

  6. Lots of fantastic prints there you lucky thing s

  7. I love the purple scarf. And the lighthouses!

    As for cutting up books - go ahead if you want to!

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  9. I love the lighthouse pictures. I have a thing about them, lighthouses that is.
    I am envious of your cigarette cards and it reminded me of that scene in Oliver Twist.
    Great find altogether

  10. I love the colour plates of London - so evocative.

  11. Love your necklace and scarves - so pretty.