Wednesday 7 September 2011

Midweek Miracle

Why Midweek Miracle?
It's Wednesday and somehow I've found a little time to blog :)

There is a woman at work who is on her last week before taking maternity leave. We'd somehow got into a discussion about Etsy which of course led to having a quick look online (for research purposes!) On the front page there was a baby hat in the shape of a tomato which she adored. After clicking on it she said it was from a woman in America and was debating whether to buy it. I did a quick search online and found the pattern. When I offered to knit it for her she jumped at the chance. One evening later and....

It took about 3 hours to do and instead of using circular needles I used double pointed instead.

Now this is finished I don't really have an excuse not to carry on with an aran cardi I'm supposed to be doing for Nicky. I started it 2 months ago and I've done about 4 inches of the back. I did unpick it all and change the pattern after a month though in an effort to make the ruddy thing more enjoyable to knit....epic failure on that point!
Only 15 more inches until the underarm decreases............

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