Monday 12 May 2014

Orange is the new Black

Or it is for me!
I may have had a long break from blogging but I've kept going with my crafting. I've got back into knitting again after many years. I used to knit a lot when my girls were small but I kind of lost the enthusiasm for it along the way. So a quick catch up of some of my finished projects (yes, I've actually finished some) and an explanation of the blog post title.
In the last month I've completed 2 projects in orange. One is this wonderfully cute baby dress. The pattern is called Ellis dress and can be found here. I used Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk. This yarn is now discontinued but if you can get your hands on some I would highly recommend it. It feels wonderfully soft and knits like a dream. I made it for a friend of my youngest DD who is expecting her baby girl within the next couple of weeks! I had to make some adjustments to the pattern to make it small enough but it looks OK.

Ravelry is a dangerous place. Whilst browsing innocently, minding my own business, I got mugged by the wonder that is Hitofude. If you see the amount of projects you can see I'm not the only one. I wanted to make it a light summer cardi so chose cotton yarn. It also helps it was heavily discounted on eBay. Apologies for the not brilliant photo but I'm waiting to block it so this is a quick snap as I hung it on the back of the chair.
I have to say on reading the pattern I was completely confused. How on Earth does this work? I followed the advise of many and just started knitting and it suddenly became a cardi. No joining or nothing!

I crocheted 2 baby blankets but didn't take photos. I hate when I do that. I like to look back and see what I've made.

Other bits in brief.....
My first socks
Lara's Hat (Susan Ashcroft)

Lara's hat is one of 6 patterns I've made from the very talented Susan Ashcroft. She, and her designs, can be found on Ravelry too.
Paint Boxes Cowl (Susan Ashcroft)

The ever popular Clapotis by Kate Gilbert.......
Plus a few other bits and pieces!

I have 2 current projects, both are Rowan patterns. I'm making Eldora by Marie Wallin. This is a pattern from the current Spring/Summer Rowan magazine.

I'm calling mine Rose Garden. I've chosen shades of green, cream and coral.

The other WIP is the Rowan Mystery Afghan KAL. I've started a little late but have almost finished clue 2. Clue 4 is being released tomorrow so I hope to be caught up by clue 5.

We wont mention the mammoth expansion of my stash. No! Best not to, really!

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