Friday 29 May 2015


The prompt for week 22 of Journal52 is Wings. For me this has to involve dragonflies. I got out my Neocolor crayons and got going. I layered colour down then used water to create washes. I probably laid down about 4-5 colours to get some depth. I then doodled with a Micron pen and wrote with my Sharpie.

Here's a daily visitor to my garden. He's so friendly he can often land on your hand if you are sitting at the garden table.

He's not actually a dragon fly. He's called a Small Red Damselfly and here's a professional picture of one (so much better than my poor attempt....

Hubby and I went to the garden centre and spend quite a bit more than we estimated. He planted the large stuff up last night and I spend the morning planting the rest (and dodging the rain) 

I think there was around 60 plants in all. Phew! Now all I have to do is get the dirt from under my nails!!!

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  1. Wow, Sue. Your dragonflies are amazing. I've never owned any Neocolors, but they look really intense. I'm not much of a doodler, but I adore what you made. Very creative and extremely lovely, since I can't draw anything. Trust me. I've tried!

    Thanks so much for your visit. I was blown away by your patio. It is over the top gorgeous. Puts my meager yard (both front and back) to shame. You have a great eye for plants.