Sunday 7 October 2012

Peacock scarf pattern

This scarf is a real pleasure to make. I crochets up very quickly and I love the colour change I got by using the James C. Brett Monsoon yarn. I used Shade S3 as it reminded me very much of the colours found in a peacock feather but here's a link to see all the colours in the range It's an aran wool so the scarf is nice and snuggly in these cooler autumn days.

I used a 5.00mm hook
3 balls of James C. Brett Monsoon in shade S3

I will be using UK terms throughout the pattern

Ch - Chain
DC - Double Stitch
DTR - Double Treble Stitch

The pattern is crocheted over 10 stitches (+1 for the foundation chain) I made mine over 50 stitches (+1) but it is up to you how wide you want it to be.

Row 1: Ch 51. Turn
Row 2: 1DC in 2nd Ch from hook. *skip 4 Ch, 9DTR in next Ch, skip 4 Ch, 1DC in next Ch.  Repeat from * to end. Turn.
Row 3: 4 C, 1DTR in first DC. *3 Ch, Skip 4 DTR, 1 DC in next DTR (the centre DTR of 9), 3 Ch, skip 4 DTR, 2 DTR in next DC. Repeat from *, ending 2 DTR in last  DC. Turn.
Row 4: 1 Ch, 1 DC in the space between first 2 DTR, *skip 3 Ch, 9 DTR in next DC, skip 3 Ch, 1 DC in space between2 DTR. Repeat from * ending 1DC in space between last DTR and turning Ch. Turn.

Repeat rows 3 and 4 for as long and necessary.

I didn't give the scarf an edge but I did consider using peacock stitch as a scallop. I ended up not using it as I was happy as it was.

I think my favourite silver peacock brooch looks lovely on the scarf.

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  1. I am doing a similar type pattern with similar wool and love how the colour changes go ☺☺ Very nice Sue.

    wendy from oz