Saturday 9 January 2010

Bracelet made and much organisation!

I got on with the bracelet last night. The colour theme was chosen and, under careful supervision, I got on with it.

The beads I use are a complete mix of semi-precious, glass, crystal, plastic and resin. In the second picture I've shown an acrylic flower. I bought these recently from ebay and like a lot of internet purchases I thought they were awful! However, I was surprised at how nice they looked when used this way. Nicky (my youngest) loves it and has signed me up to make her another one but using pearl and clear beads with the only colour being these flowers.

I got a little restless today and thought it would be a good idea to get myself organised. I seem to be spending more time searching for stuff than actually making it. Whilst going through endless bags I came across some UFO's (UnFinished Objects) After taking these photos I came across another black bag filled with more!

Crocheted hexagons that I thought I'd make into a throw for my kingsized bed. I have a few more loose ones to add to it but it's nowhere near done

I crocheted these big granny squares from rainbow wool. Yet another throw!

This was going to be a knitted bag!

The other bits I found was patchwork. I've got enough unfinished patchwork to go around the world twice.

One day I'll get around to them.!!!!


  1. oh my god, wow, that bracelet is amazing!
    my dd would love that!


  2. Love the bracelet, it is very pretty